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Watch this video and more on Fieldcraft Survival

Watch this video and more on Fieldcraft Survival

Women's Defense

03- Concealed Carry- Safety

6m 10s

Up Next in Season 05- Concealed Carry

  • 04- Concealed Carry- Legalities

    Go over the 3 main legal doctrines (castle, duty to retreat, no legal duty to retreat), permit types, where to find their state's information, places they are not allowed to carry (discuss leave in vehicle)

  • 05- Concealed Carry- Mindset and Scri...

    Discuss how proper control of their fear response is necessary for carrying by explaining how the body reacts to threats and how to train a controlled and safe response.
    Discuss neuroplasticity and how training through scripting allows you to change the way the brain responds.

  • 06- Concealed Carry- Carry Options

    Discuss the high level common options for women when it comes to concealed carry: IWB, hip pack/sling pack, off body in purse, and discuss some instances in which one or the other might be more feasible-give examples.