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Watch this video and more on Fieldcraft Survival

Watch this video and more on Fieldcraft Survival

Women's Defense

04- Concealed Carry- Legalities

8m 43s

Up Next in Season 05- Concealed Carry

  • 05- Concealed Carry- Mindset and Scri...

    Discuss how proper control of their fear response is necessary for carrying by explaining how the body reacts to threats and how to train a controlled and safe response.
    Discuss neuroplasticity and how training through scripting allows you to change the way the brain responds.

  • 06- Concealed Carry- Carry Options

    Discuss the high level common options for women when it comes to concealed carry: IWB, hip pack/sling pack, off body in purse, and discuss some instances in which one or the other might be more feasible-give examples.

  • 07- Concealed Carry- Securing and Sta...

    How to keep it secure + staged when home and away from home.